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Danny Rand returns 15 years after he was presumed for dead. Returning to NY City, Danny learns that his childhood friends that runs his parents company has doubts that it is the real rich kid that is entiled to run the family buisness. Danny has assumed a great power with advanced marshal arts skills. Danny 's is bestowed the responsibility to defeat a secret organization called the hand.
A young man is bestowed with incredible martial arts skills and a mystical force known as the Iron Fist.
The concept is cool. The show could be good. Iron Fist is a fun east meets west character who is so shaped by his eastern training he's always saying crazy stuff. But the way he is written AND acted (there is so much fault both parties are responsible) he comes across as the biggest literary idiot since Steve Urkel but not nearly as fun or lovable. Hope they course correct. Honestly, I'd love to see a "Danny what happened to you?", "I had to get surgery that made me into a different actor" plot twist.
where do i even begin ??? the show started of slowly got a bit good in the middle and then totally lost it&#39;s way down the line. the most boring show and tedious of the Netflix series. even Luke cage was better than this show. the main problem was the lead hero. Finn Jones is so bland and unsure of himself like the character he can barely deliver a proper dialogue. the villains are quite a few but nobody has a clear purpose. only the Hand led by Madame Gao has clear purpose other than that the meachums are the most boring people ever. this show was supposed to be about breathtaking martial arts about ninjas and open the Netflix world to the mystical side of marvel Netflix universe but instead it tries to drag the viewer down in it&#39;s various business drama. if i wanted to watch a business drama or politics i would watch another show why shoehorn unnecessary subplots into this?. please tell me since i am confused. Danny rand is unsure of himself in most of the episodes sometimes he can fight well other time he gets punched like a punk on the street. what was the meaning of 15 years of training in a mystical land home to the most fiercest warrior of Marvel universe???. and regarding the mystical land they barely showed Kun Lun and Danny&#39;s training. colleen wing was better than Finn Jones but fell flat. Only good thing about this show was Rosario Dawson, even David Wenham was wasted going crazy halfway through. it&#39;s like he was just there to collect his pay cut and nothing more. <br/><br/>the hallway fight sequence was a joke, ending before it could even get started. the production value was so cheap that they barely showed him (Danny) using the magical powers only using sporadically to attract audience. the only good scene in the whole season was shown in the trailer and that too is in the finale . lord only knows what marvel wanted to do with this, if this is the current state of the previous few shows (except for Daredevil) i am really wondering to skip the Defenders. the didn&#39;t show the test of Danny to gain the title of IRON Fist by battling Shou Lao. <br/><br/>Marvel is growing to annoy me wit their below mediocre shows one after another. first Jessica Jones then half of Luke cage and now this garbage. when will they understand that just by adding a Netflix title and marvel logo at the beginning of he show won&#39;t attract audience unless the script and acting is good. <br/><br/>i was excited about this show but now left disappointed beyond anything. Danny rand starts to have hallucinations midway some scenes and seems like a crazy person. he doesn&#39;t even cars to hide his secret identity and can&#39;t even kick out Madame Gao out of his OWN office?????? what kind of joke is this since he is the owner of the company??????

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